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Who we are

Party Shakers LLC is a mobile bartending and photo booth company in southern California. It is a company that provides inclusive bar, and photo booth services for private and public events. They are the best and most popular beverage caterers when it comes to setting up pop up bars and full liquor services right to your location. Party Shakers gives the best private bar and photo booth experience in Los Angeles. 


Owners – Sean & Brenda Khalimov

The idea of Party Shakers was born when Sean began his journey as a regular bartender. However, his passion of crafting delicious cocktails drove the idea of establishing their own bartending business. Sean and his wife Brenda wanted their bartending services to be different from others. They aim to provide that unrealistic idea of a luxurious bar set up in your desired location come to life. People are always amazed by how the bar is set and completely changes the atmosphere of the event. Read more about our story in Voyage LA

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The best bartenders from around the California | Party Shakers LA

Why our bartenders?

Party Shakers Bartenders are not your average hired bartenders. Far from common in every aspect of their profession, these bartenders are talented, professional, and engaged. They are fully equipped and trained to handle large events with big crowds. They will bring their own set of various bar tools in order to create any desired cocktail. Party Shakers bartenders have vast knowledge of mixology and they can make any official cocktail or create new delicious cocktails based on the ingredients supplied. 

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What makes Party Shakers Stand out?

Party Shakers has many varieties of beautiful custom-made bars that match any event theme. Every one of their bars has a matching back shelf to enhance the appearance of a proper professional bar. The purpose of the back shelf is to display liquor bottles making it easier for the guest to choose what they want to drink. 

Party Shakers bars standout not only during the day, but also throughout the night. Their bars are designed with special led light to enhance your event appearance.

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Barrel bar set with beautiful bartender by Party Shakers LA | bartending service in Los Angles
a bartender serving a cocktail and having conversation with guest | bartenders to hire | Party Shakers

What makes Party Shakers unique?

Party Shakers offer a variety of bar options for the purpose of making their services convenient, and flexible for the host. For example, Party Shakers will provide everything from the liquors to even the smallest details of the bar so that the customer does not have to worry about any bar needs. They are known to have the best prices in Los Angeles for all of their services. Ultimately, main goal is to provide the best mobile bar service that looks luxurious, but are also affordable for smaller, and larger events. Open bar options vary from exclusive Top Shelf packages to Beer & Wine packages. 

  • Number 1 beverage caterers in SoCal
  • Variety of bar options
  • Best Prices around LA
  • Convenient & flexible for any type of event
  • Can provide everything for the bar so you don’t have to worry 
  • Best bar service for all types of event
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Get more to save more 

Did you know that Party Shakers also offers photo booth services? In fact, it is meant for the customer to not worry about hiring many vendors. Instead they will be able to get more and save more when adding a photo booth with the bar services. The Photo Booth is professionally designed, and will provide high quality service for a great discount price with bartending services. It is better in quality than other top Photo Booth companies for a fraction of the price. 

Our photo booth services includes:

  1. Self service standing booth
  2. Unlimited print outs
  3. Personalized template design
  4. Fun props
  5. Back drop 
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A female taking selfie using photo booth station. The station has backdrop, lights, props, and printer.
5 margaritas cocktails by Party Shakers LA

Cocktail tutorials

 YouTube has been one of the most popular video media worldwide. Therefore, Party Shakers made a YouTube channel to make tutorial videos on how to make delicious cocktails. Most of the cocktails on YouTube are not the usual common cocktails. They always consist of a Party Shaker twist to make them much more personalized. 

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Signature drinks

Some of our clients have chosen to have some of the cocktails from our YouTube tutorials as their signature drinks. Notably, it is a great platform for those who do not know what to choose or do not have a particular favorite beverage. This allows them to try something new. 

Want to know more about our services? 

Party Shakers also makes video snippets on event set ups. That way others can visualize how the bar set ups and photo booth may look like. 

Signature menu sign by Party Shakers LA
a professional male bartender | bartender to hire | Party Shakers

Party Shakers future goals

The Party Shakers family are doing amazing things.

 In fact, in the near future they will have:

  • More beautiful custom bars to rent and sell,
  • New beverage packages to offer, 
  • More photo booth options to keep up with the trends,
  • Expand all over the states so others can experience a Party Shakers bar set up,
  • And many other future projects that are in the works.