Party Shakers LA is proud to provide talented and professional event staff. We are here to assist and make your event the most memorable and enjoyable to you and your guests.

Bartender for Party Shakers LA


Our bartenders will handcraft delicious beverages right at the bar. They are all licensed and have mixology knowledge to craft any cocktail you like. They are experts in enhancing the party atmosphere by shaking up the cocktails.

$250 up to 4 hours

Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita

Cocktail Girls

Cocktail girls will bring your guests bottles of beers, a few bottles from the bar to pour shots, and refill your guests beverages. They will hype up your guests through constantly supplying your guests with something to drink. It is a perfect way to have your guests skip the line at the bar.

$250 up to 4 hours

bar counter at home


Bar backs are super helpful in assisting the bartender by keeping the bar and ice stocked up. They also help out by serving beer and wine while the bartender is crafting cocktails. They are very useful to help reduce traffic at the bar and make it easy going for speedy bar service.

$200 up to 4 hours

Bartenders for Party Shakers LA


Our servers will help facilitate a smooth service throughout the event. They will clear tables, keep the event space clean, refill beverages, replenishing the food, and accommodate guests. Our servers can assist with all aspects of service for your party. While setting up your free quote we will ask you about your needs for setup, service, and breakdown so that we can communicate those expectations to the servers working your event.

$200 up to 4 hours

After all the planning that happens behind the scenes of an event, the host deserves to enjoy the event and not feel the need to work while having their guests over. Some may feel the need to take charge and handle everything themselves, but do you really want to look back on your event and remember all the stress you had? No! You want to remember the great time you had eating, drinking, and dancing with your guests during your event. Our event staff will not only make your event easy going for you, but also elevate your event to a whole other level with  talented bartenders making exotic cocktails, cocktail girls serving your guests shots right on their tables, and excellent servers bringing out food or drinks to all guests. You deserve the best experience and we are here to only deliver the best of the best!