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In every event, the host has to do a lot of work to satisfy or make their guests happy.

There are many different occasions, for example, birthday parties, weddings, family reunions, or celebrate achievements. No matter type it is, all events will require a lot of work with all the planning going into it and preparation being the hardest part. At some point in the event, the host might feel exhausted and have a drink. Hopefully, by that time, the party has already started, the food is prepared, the decorations are set up, there is excellent music, and the bartenders are ready to serve the guests.

Good music and delicious drinks are usually the heart of parties. Adults have at least one or two drinks to elevate their mood, or to pair them with their meal.

Having the right bartending company in your event is one of the critical factors to having a successful party.

To hire the right bartending company, there are five reasons: 

  • Firstly, the right company will be professional at their job.
  • They can provide everything that is required.
  • Third is they can make signature drinks for your event.
  • The best bartenders can entertain guests.
  • Lastly, they can provide a photo booth to capture good memories.

The right Company

Professionals are always the right choice. It is better to spend a little extra money than ruining the whole night’s mood. Bartending companies that are professional can be helpful from beginning to the end. They can help with panning, advise you with good ideas, and answer all questions related to bartending services.

Planning is the hardest part of any event.

It requires a lot of time, and because of that, most people prefer to plan their events a year or even two years ahead. With the right help, this phase can be much more comfortable and less stressful. As a professional and experienced bartending company, we know answers to most bartending related questions. People who only rarely plan events will always have many issues while making arrangements. We understand the pressure and the push on the organizers. It is essential to find professional bartending support who can and will do what is necessary to provide everything required for a successful event.

A professional black bar for outdoor or indoor events by Party Shakers LA

This stylish and professional portable bar is the perfect size to place anywhere for any indoor or outdoor event. It measures 5 ft. in width.

There are many bartending companies on the market, and they are all a bit different. Some may provide better bartenders, some may offer beautiful bars, and some may provide something more extra like flares. However, it would be way too much work to hire bartenders from one company, rent bars at another, and buy all the liquors, garnishes, cups, ice, juice, and many more yourself. At the end of the day, it is easier to hire a bartending company that can provide you with everything under one umbrella.

Our Company

Party Shakers LA can provide you with many options of beautiful bars, talented bartenders, and of course, bring everything needed for your event. In addition, you can choose from the all-included liquor packages to have your favorite cocktails all night long.

Barrel bar set with beautiful bartender by Party Shakers LA | bartending service in Los Angles

Everything included bartending service by Party Shakers LA. Any event any where we Party Shakers LA can providing bartending services with signature drinks.

Everyone has at least one favorite drink. What if we could give a little update to your favorite beverage and give it a unique name, so your guests can see it in your signature menu. Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Party Shakers LA can and will do it for you! We can make any drink our hosts desires. The menu can be designed containing your favorite beverages and synchronize it with your party theme and style. Then, we will print it out and display it at the bar. With our package services being not only signature drinks but also a lot of other refreshments will be available at the bar. Cocktails are one of the small but critical aspects of the events, especially when people receive them from good-looking bartenders with a smile on their face.

To sum up

As in most events, people eat, drink, dance, and talk all night long. However, a significant portion of their time is spent around the bar. The bar area is usually always packed. Bartenders become the hearts of the party, and are professional multitaskers in their job setting. It is expected from them to be excellent mixologists, entertainers, and professionals who deliver good vibes no matter how much pressure they receive from guests. Party Shakers’ bartenders stand out because of their talent and professionalism. We are proud of our bartending team; it has been and will always be our key to our success.

bar counter at home

Party Shakers

Photo Booth

Why is the photo booth in this list? Party Shakers LA does not only do bartending services but also provides professional photo booth services. We offer several types of photo booths with many other accessories. Having a photo booth captures sweet memories throughout the event. It is entertaining and gives back the memories with beautiful customized templates. Plus, we often give discounts if ordered together with the bartending services. We are working forward to be able to provide as many services as possible for people, so that they can get all in one place.

selfie mirror

Party Shakers

One bartending company that has everything the host needs is what people often tend to choose. Our company exceeds the five reasons why you need professional support for your next event. We can provide everything needed for your event so you can be stress-free. We can prepare and serve customized signature drinks to share with all your guests. We have bartenders who will elevate your event with great vibes all night long. Lastly, we can provide a photo booth service to capture the sweet memories. Contact us to get a free quote today!

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