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We have answers from our most asked questions. For the purpose of our clients finding immediate responses to common questions or concerns. Given that, we hope you can find an answer to your questions. However, if you have a specific question in regards to our services and/or your event. By all means, Please leave us a comment down below or email us directly at info@partyshakersla.com

What payment methods are acceptable?2020-11-18T21:29:36-08:00

We accept payment options of cash, debit, credit, Zelle, Venmo, and Paypal. However, transaction fees may apply for credit and debit payments. 

Will service fees be included?2020-11-18T21:29:11-08:00

We do not charge service fees, but tips are alway greatly appreciated.

Can we have a customized bar package?2020-11-18T21:28:44-08:00

Absolutely. In fact, we can customize a menu to accommodate your desires and budget. Contact us for more details.

What does a Bar Bundle provide?2020-11-18T21:28:06-08:00

Altogether, bar bundle includes a bar counter, matching back shelves, a bartender, bar equipment, and a shopping list. In summary, the shopping list is a detailed list for the purpose of helping to provide everything needed for the bar. Calculations will be based on guest count and cocktail preference. This is also very useful to make the shopping easy and quick.

How to save the date for my event?2020-11-18T21:22:28-08:00

Fill out our contact form from “Get a Quote”. We will send you a quote based on the details and information provided for your event. After we receive your confirmation we will proceed to save the date by sending a contract with the details and requesting a “save the date” payment. The “save the date” payment will be a small percentage.

When is the final payment due?2020-11-18T21:21:54-08:00

Final payment can be due on the day of the event, right after we finish setting up. Prior to the event we will request a small percentage to save the date.

Is Party Shakers LA insured and licensed?2020-11-18T21:21:08-08:00

Not only is PSLA insured, but also all PSLA bartenders are licensed.

What if I have to cancel my event?2020-11-18T21:19:00-08:00

All deposits made are refundable if the host cancels 30 days or more prior to the event.

What will happen if PSLA cancels my event?2020-11-18T21:14:04-08:00

Notably, it is very unlikely for PSLA canceling events. However, if a cancelation happens on behalf of PSLA, we will immediately return any deposits made.

Can Party Shakers LA sell liquor?2020-11-18T21:07:20-08:00

PSLA does not sell any alcoholic beverage to customers. However, PSLA can provide and serve alcoholic beverages for any type of event.

What happens to the leftover liquors after the event?2020-11-18T21:12:53-08:00

All left over liquors, mixers, juices, and etc. are returned to the host after the bartender breaks down. However, if PSLA provided the liquors, there will be no leftover liquors after the event.

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