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Does Party Shakers LA sell liquor?2020-08-04T13:54:56-07:00

PSLA does not sell any alcoholic beverage. PSLA only provides and serves alcoholic beverages only.

How much would it cost to have more hours of Photo Booth service?2020-08-04T13:55:37-07:00

If the host would like more hours than contracted, It will cost $50 per additional hour for the Ring Light Photo Booth and $100 per additional hour for the Magic Mirror Booth.

What happens to the leftover liquors after the event?2020-08-04T13:55:56-07:00

If the host does provide liquors themselves, the leftover liquors will be returned to the host. If PSLA provided the liquors, the host will not keep any leftover liquors after the event. The reason why the host can not keep the liquors is due to liability and our safety.

What does a Bar Bundle provide?2020-08-04T13:56:21-07:00

Bar bundle package includes a choice of Bar table, Bar shelves, Bartender and all bar equipment.

Can Party Shakers LA cancel my event?2020-08-04T13:57:09-07:00

It is very unlikely for PSLA to cancel an event. If PSLA cancels an event, all deposits will be refunded within 7-10 business days.

What if I have to cancel my event?2020-08-04T13:57:29-07:00

Before 30 days of an event all deposits can be refunded.

Is Party Shakers LA insured and licensed?2020-08-04T13:57:49-07:00

PSLA is insured and all PSLA bartenders are licensed ready to service your event!

Can we have a customized bar package?2020-08-04T13:58:21-07:00

Yes you can! We can customize a menu to accommodate your desires and budget. Contact us for more details.

Are service fees included?2020-08-04T13:58:56-07:00

We do not charge service fees, but tips are alway greatly appreciated.

When is the final payment due?2020-08-04T13:59:59-07:00

Final payment is due on the day of the event. Prior we will request a “save the date” payment percentage.

How to save the date for my event?2020-08-04T14:00:24-07:00

Fill out our contact form from “Get a Quote”. We will send you a quote based on the details and information provided for your event. After we receive your confirmation we will proceed to save the date by sending a contract with the details and requesting a “save the date” payment. The “save the date” payment will be a small percentage of the total amount.

What payment methods do you accept?2020-08-04T13:53:45-07:00

 We accept cash, debit, and credit. Transaction fees may apply for card payments. We also accept online payments through Zelle, Venmo, and Paypal.

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