Things any wedding bartender needs to know

Weddings are extremely special and important. Moreover, containing a meaning uniting as a team, and joining forces in life. There is usually a lot of planning, and expenses involved in the process of creating the perfect wedding event. Therefore, only 100% “A” game delivered in expectation from the chosen bartender for this special intimate reunion.

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Wedding bartender and luxurious white bar set up

The 3 things that any wedding bartender for hire needs to know

There are many important skills that bartenders will need by default. Therefore, there are some specific skills that will do more relevance depending on the type of event that they will be bartending for.

We are going to give you the 3 most essential things that all bartenders need to know when they bartend for a wedding event.

1. They know how to make the most popular wedding drinks

There are all kinds of cocktails that people will order at weddings, but the most popular are usually gin martinis, whiskey gingers, gin and tonics, Old fashioned and Manhattans. Any bartender that will provide bartending services for a wedding will need to prepare drinks with their eyes closed. Moreover, knowing how to craft any kind of cocktail without hesitation.

2. They have a friendly and outgoing personality

No one wants their wedding bartender to be a robot that serves drinks and doesn’t even smile. The wedding bartender needs to be someone who is going to make people feel comfortable and happy. Someone who a guest can converse and be entertained with.

A great wedding bartender is going to be someone that can crack jokes and be outgoing. However, also someone that knows when and how to be more than just the bartender. They can also send people to the photo booth with ease. It is all about the charisma and giving out positive vibes throughout the event.

3. They can help keep things running smoothly

A wedding is no different from any other event when it comes to alcohol. Moreover, in the sense that some people may get a little too rowdy. A good bartender always knows when to put out any fires around over intoxicated people. Notably, the ones that might start fighting each other, or having heated arguments of any kind. When guests become drunk, they forget how to behave properly. Once over intoxicated you do not even recognize the negativity they are spreading.

A wedding bartender needs to be on the lookout for this kind of thing happening at the bar. Therefore, he should be able to use his bartending skills to make sure that people stay in good spirits. For the purpose of, nothing ruining this special night for the bride and groom.

4. Good wedding bartending services near me

Weddings need great food, great music, and great drinks. However, the drinks are always going to be the most important element for those who are looking to have fun and enjoy their night. For this reason, crafting delicious drinks requires a very skilled bartender.

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A wedding bartender with luxurious white bar set up

Final thoughts

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