mobile bartending after covid is something that requires planing

The COVID-19 pandemic has been such an incredibly important part of our lives in the past 12 months. It can be hard not to see how this has affected all services that require social interactions.

There are several reason for this, but mainly due to how convenient it is and how much easier it is to solve a quick bartending need for an event.

When this problem started in early 2021 on a global scale. Everyone was too afraid to go out to buy groceries. In addition, the idea of having a party or reunion was completely out of the question. Bartenders started to see a serious decrease in the number of jobs they were getting. It had become very evident that it was hard to achieve. The expected results without getting a side job doing something else.

Social events became a thing of the past

We used to take social activities for granted. Then we started to see just how much things changed in the last few years. We went from being in a very social environment. To seeing that most people would no longer feel confident about hiring any assistance.

Bartenders worldwide started to notice that the safest way for them to be able to work in any type of party. Same goes for any event and it was to make sure that this happens in an open space. This led to the creation of the mobile bartending services that people have come to love and trust. People love and trust due to how this happens in a way that seems more adequate for the pandemic.

This is about bartending not about medical research

It would be pretentious for anyone to say that they know all about this pandemic and how it spreads. This is not the place to discuss such a thing. But what we can discuss is that bartending jobs are now coming back with a boom. Mainly due to the implementation of mobile bartending after covid.

The pop up bar as it is referred to by many in this industry. Is a small, and portable structure that bartenders install at events in order to start serving drinks. This is a very powerful way to handle this because it allows the bartender to have the required space. This is essential to get this done without having to be indoors.

How mobile bartending services are the best alternative in the new world | Party Shakers bartending


Outdoors versus indoors

Everything indicates that open spaces are much more adequate for social gatherings under the existing circumstances. This is one of the main reasons why so many people are hiring mobile bartending services for their parties and events.

Open venues are now the most popular locations

With the rise of the mobile bar, there is also a rise in open space property rentals for events. The inconveniences of open areas are seemingly small. Mainly when you consider how people feel more confident about attending events in open spaces.

There is a common problem that people seem to have when they are thinking of creating an event. The problem being that they don’t know what the best location can be. Sometimes the best way to know this is to hire the assistance of someone with experience in modern event planning.

There are several ways to look into this and to make proper use of the appeal of open spaces for mobile bartending after covid. The first thing that you can do is take the time to look at the most common places that people are renting and see just how much space is available.

You should also consider the importance of making sure that the open space you are choosing is a flat area that doesn’t have too many sections or steps in a small room. The more space there is for people to be able to move around freely, the better.

The combination of a place that is outdoors and also a place with plenty of space is going to prove to be an ideal way for you to run your event without issues. This is essential with mobile bartending after covid.

There are many things that people need to keep in min. Especially when they are thinking of running a business in modern times. The first thing is that you need to make sure that you are taking all safety precautions to guarantee that people will want to attend the event.

There are several things that you can do in order to make this happen. We are going to give you some of the most valuable and essential tips for this process.

  1. Politely announce that masks are obligatory

We know that some people are not going to be ok with the idea of having to wear a mask. But the majority of your potential guests are not even going to consider attending an event. This is the case if masks are not required.

Make sure that you create a statement that reminds everyone that attending the event requires to use a mask at all times. There will be one area that will be designated as the exception and that is the bar area.

People who are at the bar area are required to maintain a certain distance from other guests. While they are enjoying their drinks without their masks on. This area should be well ventilated and this means fresh air should be circulating at all times.

The ultimate way to set this up is to have a tent with no walls. So that fresh air can move around freely from all directions. This is a very favorable setting to use for an event that will have a bar available for guests.

Music can be played in the background at a very low level so that people can hear it. But they can also speak without having to get too close to each other. This is super important and it has been warned by experts. That one of the potential ways for people to catch any virus is to get too close to others. All while trying to tall with loud music playing in the background.

  1. Set up several hand sanitizers with a foot pedal

A great way to encourage people to keep their hands clean is to set up a hand sanitizer stand. One that is operated with a foot pedal. This is going to prove to be one of the best ways to allow people to clean their hands. To make use of sanitizer without having to touch anything.

This type of structure is now very common to see at supermarkets and drugstores and you can easily rent them for your events. There is no need for you to make a permanent investment, but given the way that everything works in the modern world. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in a few of these hand sanitizer stands.

  1. Constantly announce the event rules on social media several weeks earlier

Safety is going to be a major thing in any event and people are going to feel more confident about attending your event. If they see that you are constantly reminding people of the safety measures to be taken when they arrive.

This is the reason why we recommend that people take the time to announce the event rules. Also the requirements for people to be able to attend. Wearing a mask and practicing safe distance protocols from other people in attendance is going to be essential.

  1. Avoid large crowds at all costs

We all know that one of the things everyone wants is to have a packed event with hundreds of people attending. This is great for business, but not for safety. So you need to make sure that you can have a limit of people who can enter the event simultaneously.

A good way to handle this is to allow people to come in as other people leave. The idea is for you to ask the venue owner to give you an estimate. One of how many people can be in the event area at the same time while maintaining a safe distance. A distance that allows them to talk to each other without being too close.

  1. Hire experienced mobile bartending services

This is going to be super important if you want to make sure that your event is going to be a complete success. You need to hire the help of bartending services that are going to be able to get the best results. All with the least amount of equipment and space.

This is the reason why mobile bartending services are becoming such a great alternative. They are ideal for these open areas that allow people to attend events in a more inviting location.

The world is changing and bartending is changing with it

The only thing that we have ever needed as a species is to adapt. This has always been a ticket for our survival. The same thing happens to business owners who are looking to survive the changes that are taking place today.

Mobile bartending services have turned out to be the perfect answer that is allowing people to feel confident. To feel this way about being in events and parties again. The combination of this type of pop up bar structure and an open area are the key to a great event.

How to choose the best mobile bartending after covid services?

Now that we have gotten the safety issues out of the way. It’s important to consider the quality of the burdening services that you are going to be hiring. Bartending that is going to be serving drinks at your events should be able to handle this in a very professional manner.

They should practice optimal safety

Any bartender at an event in current times is going to have to be wearing a mask at all times. This is a great way for them to reassure guests that their drinks are being served. This should be done by someone who is not talking or sneezing near their glass.

The bartenders should also have hand sanitizer available for them at all times. Even if they are not handling money like they would at a bar. They are still going to be touching certain things that may require hand sanitizing afterwards.

They should have a great personality

Bartenders that have a great personality are always the right kind of bartenders for any job. You want to make sure that they can make the guest feel important. They can also diffuse any situation with a guest that may be getting a little too rowdy after a few drinks.

A great bartender is never going to take anything personally and this is always going to be one of the best skills for a good bartending service. This is especially important when mobile bartending after covid services are provided and people have to deal with guests in open areas. People that may drink too much and they could become difficult to handle.

They should be highly recommended

When you are hiring any bartenders for your events, you have to make sure that they have vast experience. Also that they will do a great job when handling your particular event needs. This is going to be essential for a successful outcome. You should look into past customer reviews to see just how good they have been. Mainly in terms of how they treat their clients and how they have been able to handle events before.

They should have accessible prices

This is also going to be very important because it will allow you to hire someone. A person who can be reliable and accessible in terms of prices. This is crucial for event planners who are looking to create events constantly and they are dealing with a limited budget.

They should offer teams for large events that require several bartenders

It’s always a good idea to establish a business relationship with a bartending service that offers a bartending team and not just an individual. This is going to be very useful when you have different types of events at larger or smaller venues. Locations that could require more than one bartender to assist your guests.

A great bartending team is going to have skilled male and female bartenders that are going to be ideal for any type of situation. You will find that this is going to come very handy when you are looking to hire a great bartending team. You won’t have to look for another service because the one you previously hired is only a one or two people team.

Another thing to consider when it comes to bartending teams is that small teams could hire someone to help them. The quality assurance is not going to be the same as an already assembled bartending team.

Final thoughts

Hiring a good bartender is never a thing that someone should see as difficult or challenging. If you are looking to find the very best mobile bartending services in LA, you will find that Party Shakers offers everything you need and more.

They have the experience, they have the personality, and they have the ability to bring their pop up bars to any location you want and any time you need. You can reach them here if you have any questions about their services and they will be fast to reply with optimal solutions.

Bartending is back and the best mobile bartending after covid services are going to provide the safety and reliability that you are looking for!