What are bartender tip jar profitability.

Bartending is often seen by people as a job that they can take while they are paying for their studies. Moreover, for looking to transition towards a better job. However, the truth is that this can also be a highly lucrative profession. 

Today, we are going to be talking about the methods that are being used by successful bartenders to make full time income. For example, a steady income that can even  support a very comfortable lifestyle.

A holiday bar tender | Party Shakers

A holiday bar tender

The independent bartender 

The bartender for hire that works independently is always going to look for new gigs to keep generating income. However, their success will depend on how good they are at promoting themselves. With the high competitors doing the same, it is essential to offer something creative that the others are not.

Back in the days before the internet, bartenders for hire would have to go to the locations they wanted to work. Moreover, they had to convince people to hire them for their next events, parties, and or weddings. 

Now that we are living in the digital age, the bartender is able to make use of promotional tools. Such tools that can reach a massive audience. The only factor that determines success in this situation is how much each bartender understands digital marketing.

Hiring someone to do this for you can come with a high price tag. However, when a bartender learns on their own how to successfully attract people online, they can blow up spontaneously over night. 

An outstanding white bar with LED lights set up | Party Shakers

An outstanding white bar with LED lights set up

The corporate bartender

Some bartenders don’t like the idea of having to look for new clients day by day. Therefore, they are constantly searching for that great corporate gig that pays a steady monthly check. For example, becoming a bartender at the bar of a popular airport can be an excellent steady job to have.

This type of bartending is usually the most secure in terms of income. However, given the current state of the world, and how hard it is to hold a regular job, this is quickly becoming one of the riskiest ways to make a living as a bartender.

This is not to say that some bartending jobs are not worth pursuing. Notably, the life of the steady check worker is no longer as secure as it once was and that is an undeniable fact.

The teaching bartender

There are other ways for bartenders to earn money and one of them is by becoming teachers and opening bartending schools. This is probably the most uncommon way for bartenders to make money. Notably, it can become a very profitable business if you can get many students. There are many people who are willing to pay to be taught by a talented person. Many seek advice to become the best themselves. Therefore, opening up a bartending school can become a very profitable business. Although like many businesses, it will require some time when pursuing.

The tip master

The bartender’s personality goes a long way when it comes to how much they can earn from tips. Some bartenders are so good at their job that they get hundreds of dollars from tips each night. So you can definitely see how much this can work if you have a great personality. Although, getting great tips feels great, it is not always reliable. There may be some bad nights where not many customers will tip.


Every single one of those ways to bartend can be very profitable. However, it seems like the one that is more likely to expand the earning potential is the independent bartender. The main reason being that there is no limit to how much they can charge based on their skills and how many gigs they book each month.

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