Does PSLA Sell liquors?2020-02-26T17:36:17-08:00

PSLA does not sell liquors. PSLA provides and serves liquors only.

How much would it cost to have more hours of Photo Booth service?2020-02-26T17:27:29-08:00

We include 4 hours for either photo booth service. If the host would like for than 4 hours, It will cost $50 per additional hour for the Ring Light Photo Booth and $100 per additional hour for the Magic Mirror Booth.

Why are the Photo Booth prices different.2020-02-26T17:24:22-08:00

We have 2 types of photo booth. 1. Ring Light Photo Booth 2. Magic Mirror Booth. The Prices are different because the Magic mirror booth requires 2 assistants to transport the Photo Booth.

Do PSLA provide ice with package?2019-07-17T22:12:28-07:00

PSLA can provide ice but it is not included with the packages. Most venus already provide ice but if the client wants PSLA to provide ice it will be an additional charge.

Can the host keep the liquors after the event?2020-02-26T17:34:55-08:00

The client will not keep any leftover liquors if PSLA provided them. The reason why the client can’t keep the liquors is due to liability and our safety. If the host provides liquors themselves, the leftover liquors will be packed up and given back to the host only.

What does a Bar Bundle provide?2020-02-26T17:37:25-08:00

Bar bundle package includes a choice of Bar table, Bar shelves, Bartender and all bar equipment.

What does Top Shelf, and Mid Shelf provide?2020-02-26T17:42:56-08:00

A Bartender, bar table, bar shelves, all bar equipment,

cups, straws, napkins, garnishes, juices, soft drinks, Beer, Wine, and all the liquors listed on each package. 

What if damage occurs to equipment by guests?2020-02-26T17:45:13-08:00

PSLA provides professional equipment and if damage is caused by a guest we will have to bill the client.

Can PSLA cancel?2020-02-26T20:39:16-08:00

If PSLA cancels an event, all deposits will be refunded within 7-10 business days.

What if the host has to cancel an event?2020-02-26T20:42:47-08:00

Before 30 days of an event all deposits can be refunded.

Is PSLA insured and licensed?2020-02-26T21:11:15-08:00

PSLA is insured and all PSLA bartenders are licensed ready to service your event!


Can we make custom bar packages?2020-02-26T20:45:57-08:00

Yes we can. We can customize a menu to accommodate your desires and budget. Contact us for more details.

Are service fees included?2020-02-26T21:02:06-08:00

We do not charge service fees, but tips are alway greatly appreciated.

When is the final payment due?2020-02-26T20:50:50-08:00

 Final payment is due on the day of the event. Prior we will request a “save the date” payment percentage.

Do we require a deposit?2020-02-26T20:54:09-08:00

Yes, we will request a “save the date” deposit.

The deposit will vary depending on the total amount.  

What payment methods do you accept?2020-02-26T20:57:44-08:00

We accept cash, debit, and credit. Transaction fees may apply for card payments.

We also accept online payments through zelle, venmo, and paypal.