Project Description

A Wedding at Kim Sing Theatre

Kim Sing Theatre is a lovely hotel and venue in downtown Los Angeles. The venue itself has very modern stylish touches. We had the pleasure of servicing a lovely wedding reception at this hidden gem of a venue. 

We provided our Rustic Barrel Bar with the Mid shelf open bar that consisted of three signature beverages. The first signature drink, a skinny margarita requested by the bride. Which was named “Matrimony Margarita”. The second signature beverage, a pomegranate mule named “Marry Me Mule”. This specific mule is made with gin and has been a favorite among guests. Also, the third signature drink, the original Moscow Mule. You can never go wrong with this beverage. It is such a classic. The guests were very happy with signature drinks that about mixologist crafted. In addition, adding nicknames to the beverages gives it a personal, and sweet touch to the menu. It really does make a difference to the hosts as a memory every time they order those beverages in the future. 

Kim Sing Theatre is a great choice for having any kind of small events. The location is in the middle of Los Angeles, so it is close to almost every direction around Los Angeles. Though it is in the middle of Downtown LA, the venue has built the building very privately. 

It was a wonderful evening event full of great people even though it was a small, but unique wedding. At Party Shakers, it is our goal to make every event, small or big a unique one.