Project Description

Rooftop Surprise Party

A surprise party on a rooftop that shows the beautiful view of Downtown Los Angeles. Can it get better than that? Our host surprised his best friend with a very small, and intimate gathering of only closest friends. The event took place on the rooftop of TenTen Wilshire. The view was breathtaking as it is placed right on the center of downtown Los Angeles. The event theme was “ football night”. Therefore, there was a lot of yummy pizza, and craft cocktails by our amazing bartender of the night. All the guests were very friendly and had a great time with the birthday boy. Other residents of the building even decided to join in on the fun.

The Rooftop surprise party had our Rustic Barrel Bars and honeycomb back shelves bar set up.  Also, they had a personalized signature drinks menu that consisted of Whiskey beverages. Whiskey is the birthday boys favorite liquor. Therefore we incorporated a Perfect Manhattan, Whiskey Mule, and an Old Fashioned along with some beer, and wine. Each cocktail was renamed on the menu to have a more special personalized meaning for the birthday boy.