Project Description

Rustic Wedding in Orange County

Weddings are a sacred meaningful celebration wherever it is taking place. 

You are joining your life with your partner, the love of your life. For this particular rustic wedding we traveled to Orange County. The reception and ceremony took place in the same location. The location was at a private residence. However, their residence had a huge courtyard. It was so beautiful. It had a rustic feel already just walking in before anything was set up. The way they embellished the barn and the outdoors area was a very nice touch.

Rustic theme

Since it is Rustic themed, we brought our Rustic Barrel Bars. We lit up the bar with string lights to make it more illuminated since the event took place in the evening. Something about adding lights just makes things look so much better. It’s almost like a magical feel to it. The open bar consisted of all and everything wine beverages.

Our team made a delicious wine beverage recipe that was displayed in beverage dispensers with fresh fruit. It looked delicious and fancy displayed in the glass dispensers. We also personalized a menu with signature mimosas. You can never go wrong with mimosas! Even though the open bar was all wine, we made it fun, fancy, memorable, and delicious. In Party Shakers we always try to make any celebration unique.