Project Description

A Sweet Birthday Party

Who doesn’t like surprises or a sweet birthday party? We were behind the scenes for a wonderful surprise party at an airbnb in Santa Monica. The airbnb was a 2 story loft with a beautiful view of downtown Santa Monica. The style of the loft was very retro, and industrial. It is a great location for private events. We set up the bar on the second floor of the loft where all of the guests can enjoy a delicious cocktail while viewing the beautiful city. 

For the bar we had a signature menu. The menu consisted of a classic margarita, a strawberry margarita, and a tequila sunrise along with some beer and wine. All three signature drinks consisted of the main ingredient of Tequila. You can never go wrong with a classic margarita! For the strawberry marg we made a homemade strawberry syrup because we believe the fresher the ingredients the better! The tequila sunrise was a great addition to switch away from the margarita but yet staying with the same liquor base. All the guests loved the tequila cocktails as they were a hit throughout the night.