Project Description

Surprise Party in Sunset BLVD

In this Particular party, the host planned an elegant surprise party in Sunset BLVD for her husband. She had an on site sushi catering, and our Top Shelf open bar with 2 signature drinks. The event was embellished beautifully with balloons and other decorations. We have catered to so many surprise parties. However, every single surprise party is unique.

We brought our Luxurious White Bar with Top Shelf liquors. The two signature cocktails of the night, a strawberry margarita with fresh muddled strawberries for the first cocktail. The second cocktail, a pomegranate mule with the choice of vodka, or gin. Our host nicknamed the cocktails to something meaningful to her husband. The cocktails were two refreshing types of cocktails that pair perfectly with sushi. Moreover, sushi is always delicious, and a great touch to the party. How fun to have an on site sushi master at your own party.

Guests were having a great time eating, and drinking all evening. In addition, there was a live singer who was singing throughout the event. It was a great night at a private residence in Sunset BLVD. The home was gorgeous with a pool view. It was a pleasure to be part of such an intimate celebration.