The social distancing protocols are finally starting to loosen up a bit and we are slowly regaining the confidence we need in order to be around other people at events.  With that said, the recommendations are still that people are careful not to gather in large public events.

The biggest thing that we need to keep in mind is that we have to create new situations. Situations that allow people to enjoy being back out in small controlled gatherings as long as everyone is taking the right kind of precautions. This is going to depend on specific state laws and requirements, but some areas are open once again.


It is better to have small events. We understand that events just close family members and close friends might make up over 20 people. However, it is better to have under fifteen guest count.

Also, they all should make sure they are not spreading the virus themselves. For example, taking a covid test before attending any events. Safety should always be a priority.

Rustic barrel bar evening set | Party Shakers LA

What is beautiful day time should be beautiful at night as well



As vendors we have to follow all the precautions as well. It is a must do, no excuses. 

For example, bartenders, servers and chefs have to wear face masks at all times, plus they should wear gloves while handling food and/or beverages. They all should follow proper sanitation procedures to avoid any spread of contact.

Another important key is serving in disposable plates and cups to prevent any chance of spread. 

A great way to liven up any kind of small event is to have a bar available for people to order their favorite drinks. The bar delivery to your location  is something that Party Shakers LA is offering to people who want to create a great bar experience for their next event or party.

Luxurious white bar with LED light. Bartender with guest taking a picture | Party Shakers LA

Beautiful bar, beautiful bartender, and happy host.

It might take years before everything will normalize, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot have a bar experience in your backyard. You will be able to have bar experiences without stepping outside,  just hire a bartending company that can deliver everything to you.

Pop up bars are now a very popular request in many areas of Los Angeles and we have a combination of the best bars and the best bartenders in the entire city. This means that you will have the chance to enjoy an experience that is affordable, professional and reliable. 

To conclude

Party Shakers LA has experiences of providing bartending and photo booth services to hundreds of events not only in Los Angeles, but also Orange county, Santa Barbra, and Ventura county.

If you want to learn more about our services, you can check this link for details on our rates and the different packages we offer for events.


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