Why is it important for a bartender to know how to properly communicate with their customers? | The right bartender communication skills

Bartender communication skills is a key in all areas of life. From our personal life. Also the relationship we have with others to our interactions at work. For everyone who works in Customer Service, no matter where they work, communication is a key piece.

Communication with the customer is essential. Especially when the bartenders need to spend time with them for long periods of time. This is why we are going to look deeper into this topic.

There are jobs that are directly related to customers. Such as people who work in a store every day. They are in contact with the client on a daily basis.

The best balance for bartender communication skills

In order to have a good relationship with them. You must maintain proper communication. Efficient listening and respect and good use of words. In addition, expressions will be a key element in the relationship that anyone who works directly with clients.

Bartenders undoubtedly have a direct and constant relationship with customers. For that same reason, they must have excellent communication with them. Especially when we consider that their work is in a bar, lounge or event. This means that when alcohol is involved it is important to use bartender communication skills more effectively.

When alcohol is involved in a situation, many situations can arise that can be negative. For example, a drunk customer or a customer who gets aggressive. In these cases, although the bartender has certain tactics to handle the situation, communication will be a key.

Knowing how to use the correct words and appropriate expressions is essential. All of this is directly related to effective communication. The bartender has to know what to say and when to say it, and at the same time. Use various techniques to maintain good communication.

Bartending isn’t only about serving drinks. You already should know this if you are an experimented bartender or you’re offering bartending services temporarily. You also need to have great communication skills so you can have interesting conversations with the customers. It’s well-known that when people visit a bar they usually enjoy having a conversation with the bartender. Who is serving them that day so it’s really important to know the do’s and don’ts. This is important when you are communicating with your customers.

The Do’s for bartender communication skills

Use icebreakers

Even when some bartenders are great at creating a good conversation with their customers. For others is a little bit more complicated. So, a good way to engage in interesting conversations is by using icebreakers by asking questions.

Trying to find out what topics the client might be interested in. All while talking to them is a good way to break the ice. Ask what sports he likes, what is his favorite team, what he does in his free time. By asking these types of questions you will be able to find the topics that your client is passionate about. In this way, they will feel excited talking about the topic with you.

Try to develop a good relationship with the regular customers:

For any bartender, having regular customers is crucial. At the end of the day, this is what keeps your bar open and successful so when a regular customer walks in, greet them with a warm welcome, ask them how they are, and try to remember any important information they gave you the last time they visited the bar so you can talk about it. Don’t forget what they like to drink and ask them if they are going to drink the usual?

There is something important to emphasize here and that is that you have to know how to attract all those new customers. Although, while it is true, the regular customers are the most important and the ones who keep the bar running. You always have to try to attract new customers to the bar.

When a customer comes to the bar for the first time, it is important to treat them in the best possible way. One of the most important tasks of the bartender and about which little is said is the sale. The bartender, beyond preparing cocktails and interacting well with the customer. Must sell the bar and its products. That is why it is essential to serve regular customers in the best possible way. But without losing sight of all those new customers who arrive at the bar.

Be compassionate, nice, and kind

Some people consider their bartender as their therapist. So as soon as they arrived at the bar, they start to talk about their lives or just things in general. Others just want to stay at the bar, not talking, but they need company. In any case, they consider you a friend and if you treat them nice. With respect, and genuine interest, they will be regular costumers for sure.

Beyond good communication, and maintaining good relationships with customers. There are other important elements. Compassion and kindness play a fundamental role in the bartender’s relationship with customers. Compassion is related to empathy. Beyond seeing the client as just that. A client, it is important to be empathetic and understanding with them.

On the other hand, being nice to customers is basically something that cannot go wrong and should not be discussed. Being courteous, friendly, pleasant and respectful are key elements that the bartender should never lose sight of.

Why is it important for a bartender to know how to properly communicate with their customers? | Party Shakers

The Don’ts for bartender communication skills

Never discuss with a customer about religion and politics

The best thing you can do when you are having a conversation with a customer is to keep it light. Therefore, you can talk about general things but try to avoid difficult and sensitive subjects. Such that could cause friction between you and your customers.

These two topics seem to be too touchy. They cannot and should not be discussed with the client at any time and under any circumstances. Ideally, more general topics such as sports, travel, hobbies, among others, are covered. Politics and religion should never be mixed with alcohol in a bar. They are too personal issues. Which can generate uncomfortable situations and annoyance both for the client and the bartender himself.

When you are having a conversation, don’t be aggressive

Is important that as a bartender. You understand that there are introverts and extroverts customers so even when some of them are happy to be at the bar talking to you. To others it could be a little difficult and overwhelming. This is why you must learn to read your customers. You will sense if they are responding to your conversation negatively or they are displaying a positive result.

The way we express ourselves is key, especially when we are dealing directly with the customer. You have to be very careful with the tone that the bartender uses to speak to them. You also have to try not to be aggressive when expressing your ideas or talking about a topic that you like. The client will always appreciate maintaining a friendly tone.

Don’t be impatient

Don’t try to rush your customers to order anything. Especially if they are arriving at the bar. Give them the chance to settle in and also of reading the menu, they will place an order whenever they are ready.

Patience is always going to prove to be an essential part of any bartending job and this makes it very important.

Questions and Answers

Why should the bartender have good communication with the customer?

Communication is relevant in any activity that requires contact with customers. When we talk about bartending. Communication takes on much more relevance since the bartender must communicate daily with customers. Especially when they arrive at the bar and sit at the bar.

Appropriate communication with the client in addition to respect, kindness, smiling at all times and cordiality along with empathy are the perfect mix for the bartender to interact with the client in the best possible way, creating lasting ties. This goes above all if you are a recurring customer.

What are the main elements of customer communication that a bartender should consider?

Breaking the ice, kindness, showing interest at all times in the client and his needs, being empathetic and respectful and listening to him without interrupting, interpreting his expressions and gestures, and not judging him, are key elements of communication with the client.

What if it can be done when communicating with customers?

Break the ice, show genuine interest in the customer, be kind and empathetic. Empathy is key in effective communication. In addition, trying to attract new customers by maintaining good communication with them and never stop communicating with regular customers, are key to the proper development of customer communication – Bartender.

What should not be done when communicating with the client?

Never go into religion and politics. In addition, the tone of voice with which you speak to customers should have a gentle and gentle tone, you should never show aggressiveness when talking to them.

Besides all these, do’s and don’ts, is really important that you have learned about good communication skills and to get to know your regular customers as much as you can so you can have interesting and respectful conversations.