While hosting a party, you definitely will like to have some alcoholic, or non-alcoholic beverages served to your guest throughout the evening. In most of the parties, the host takes charge of the drinks arrangement themselves while the others look for a bartender hire company and leave the responsibility to them. However, it is advisable to hire a mobile bartending company.

Companies like Party Shakers offer the much in demand services in an absolutely professional manner and focus on ensuring that your guests leave the evening completely satisfied. Still not sure? Here check out why you need to hire a mobile bartending company?

mobile bartending company


It isn’t easy to figure out the amount of drink you need to purchase. Even though you follow the standard guideline, it depends upon your guests and their preferences. By looking for bartenders for hire and choosing them to take the responsibility means you will have enough of everything and will never run out.

Professional staff

One of the biggest disappointments for guests at a party is the unprofessional staff. Therefore, by searching for mobile bartenders to hire, you can stay assured to receive trained staff members who very well know the ins and outs of the drink industry. Moreover, our mixologists can work out any of your guest requests and make all the drinks look amazing.


No doubt, there are various options available when it comes to bars. This makes things easy as you can incorporate any look or feel to the bar and drinks. Whether you have a tropical theme or a rustic one, we can provide you with a good match.

Save the stress

While throwing a party, the host gets stuck between the questions like how he will transport the drinks, buy them from, or what quantity he needs. Just the thought of these questions can give you enough stress. Moreover, it will require a lot of time, which most of the hosts do not have. So, it’s better to search for hire bartenders near me and take the services. Giving us the charge will surely take away your stress altogether.

Guides you

In case you want to have a signature cocktail for your party, then we will be able to provide you with the advice you need. For instance, our packages’ drinks can be tailored to fit the client’s budget and needs.

Open bar

To serve your guests in the best possible way, you can consider taking Open Bar service. Wherein, your guests can enjoy as many drinks and everything will be considered in your billing. Open Bar is a perfect way to give your guests a royal gesture. Our open bar service includes a bartender with a bar or simply bartenders. 


While hiring a mobile bartending company, the idea is perfect, as they can set up anywhere. So, if the weather is good and a huge part of your event is outdoor, you can ask us to set up the bar outside and vice versa. This flexibility of choice comes as a bonus.

Avail Party Shaker, LA Services to Get Maximum Benefit 

With our company, you can stay assured to receive the best bartending services at a competitive price. From good bartenders to customized drinks, you can get it all with us. Moreover, all of our packages are highly customizable, meaning we can develop a menu for you that fits your budget and preference.

Get in touch with us to know more about our services and pricing.

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